Kush Kirkland | Cannabis Dispensary in Kirkland Washington


Taking an edible can be a very rewarding experience, but if you have never been to a dispensary, it can be overwhelming entering a building full of cannabis the first time. The Budtenders at Kush are very friendly, knowledgeable and will do their best to make you feel comfortable, while answering all of your questions.  In turn, they may ask you a few questions to personalize your experience and find the proper products for you.

Questions you may get asked:

  • What type of edible would you like to consume? 
  • Have you ever used Cannabis before?
  • Is there a specific reason you want to use an edible?

The first step is figuring out what type of edible you would like to consume.  Edibles have evolved from your typical pot-brownies to full blown gourmet chocolates, to potato chips to ice cold lemonades. There are plenty of options, so take a minute to decide how you would like to enjoy your edible.

Second, let’s talk about dosing/dosage.  All edibles have a THC dose size that is usually displayed in MGs ranging from 1mg, being the lowest legal limit in WA, to 100mg, being the highest for one edible. If you have never used cannabis, I suggest taking 2.5 to 5mg for your first time.  This will provide a good baseline to understand how your body reacts (everyone’s experience will be unique to them).  Keep in mind, the onset of an edible can take up to 2 hours for some, so avoid taking more than one the first time. You can adjust the next time you try it.  Also, effects of edibles may last 3-6 hours, compared to inhalants, which may last 30-90 minutes so avoid driving and consume responsibly.

Third, let’s talk about how to prepare for the experience. Make sure you go somewhere you feel safe and comfortable (somewhere you can stay for 3-6 hours without worry, home is always a good choice.)  Make sure to eat beforehand to allow for easier digestion of the edible. Put on some comfy clothing, turn on the TV and watch your favorite movie. Remember, just because you don’t feel it right away doesn’t mean it’s not working.  Give it some time and if after 2+ hours you don’t feel anything, try again the next night, increasing your consumption another 2.5 – 5mg. 

Some examples of products that are beginner friendly are: Sungaze Seltzers: small dosage Cannabis drinks with only 2.5mg THC: 5mg CBD (CBD can help counteract the racy feeling of being high if you take too much.), Swifts Sour drops: 5mg THC, Pioneer Squares Gummies: 10mg THC and Honu Peanut Butter Cups: 10mg THC.  If you find you are more sensative to cannabis, there are options for smaller dosage, which are also good for micro dosing and treating specific symptoms throughout the day. 

Edibles will affect everyone differently based on metabolism, body weight, how much you’ve eaten, etc. Remember your journey may not be the same as your friends or budtender so take it low and slow. What I always tell my new edible customers is “You can always take more; you can’t take less.” 

Congratulations you’ve taken your first edible.  If you were dissatisfied with the experience, talk to your budtender about other options that may be better for your overall experience. 

Ernesto Ramos, Cannabis Enthusiast